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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Mississauga

The Ideal Protein Protocol at Diane’s Wellness Centres in Mississauga is a Nutritionist coached program.

The program is not a diet, it is a precise protocol with an educational focus and you can expect to experience remarkable results.

You will get personalized,  compassionate and  knowledgeable support.

You will learn how food choices and combinations directly affect your body.

You will learn how to avoid regaining the weight after the program.

You will feel energized!

Why Consider The Ideal Protein Protocol

A a nutritionist and natural health practitioner since 1994, Diane analyzed many weight loss diets and protocols. In 2010, the Ideal Protein protocol was the one she selected to implement in her wellness centres for a few very good reasons.

  1. Ideal Protein is not a fad diet.  As a medically derived weight loss method, it was originally developed over 25 years ago to address the needs of professional athletes wanting to minimize body fat while at the same time preserving lean tissue (muscle mass) and maintaining essential nutrients to remain healthy at the cellular level.
  2. The methodology of Ideal Protein consists of a carefully calibrated short-term weight loss protocol with a strong focus on nutritional education.
  3. The structure of Ideal Protein follows 4 phases, 1) lose the weight, 2) halt weight loss, 3) phase to maintenance and 4) the maintenance program. 
  4. The nutrition of Ideal Protein Phase 1 is focused on helping the body reduce fat related weight with a large menu of simple tasty food selections (including veggies, salads, fish, chicken, eggs) and a plan designed to ensure adequate daily requirements of nutrients and proteins are provided with a temporary reduction in simple and complex carbohydrates.
  5. Ideal Protein is a medically derived protocol with a track record of helping women and men lose excess fat related weight while learning how to keep it off.