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As one of Canada’s leading Clinically Certified Iridologists, Diane McLaren has been helping people solve problems through her Toronto GTA Iridology Practice since 1994.

Iridology is the science of assessing the constitution of body organs, tissues and systems through a non-invasive analysis of the iris of each eye.

When the results of an iridology examination are combined with an in-depth assessment of diet, nutrition and medical history, the resulting information forms a complete and accurate understanding of the body's current condition and its needs.

From the initial iridology consultation, Diane reviews her finding and in dialogue with you designs a personalized program focused on a healing that leads to long-term wellness.

Professional Note: Iridology can not and should never claim to diagnose disease.  An iridology assessment by a competent Certified Iridology is effective at identifying underlying weaknesses that can then be successfully addressed with an appropriate herb & nutrition program.

Iridology Charts

Iridology charts are used to record finding that aid in the development  and design of programs that directly address findings naturally.  The left eye chart is shown below outlines the iridology regions of the eye as they pertain to various tissues and organs.

Iridology Chart

Iridology Appointments

To learn more about iridology we invite you to call a complementary conversation on your needs.  We'll explain how we use iridology, nutrition, dietary and lifestyle assessments to complete a thorough understanding of your needs, and design the personalized program that's right for you.