A Natural Health Practitioner

Diane McLaren is one of Canada’s top Natural Health Practitioners and  gifted holistic health expert with 25 years of professional counselling experience helping people experience measurably better results naturally.

As a Natural Health Practitioner, Diane incorporates her broad knowledge of Western and Eastern natural health philosophies to integrate her numerous qualifications and certifications in Iridology, Nutrition, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Blood Analysis,  Sclerology and Herbology for her clients, partners and students.

In full-time private practice since 1994, Diane has shared the lessons and experience of her many years as a successful business woman, wellness coach, natural health care practitioner, gifted teacher and author for thousands of clients, students and partners. 

With a solid background in the natural health care field, she has consistently grown her private counseling practice and teaching services by delivering results and an exceptional customer service experience.

Diane is the founder of Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres in Mississauga

As a natural Health Practitioner, Diane is skilled at assessing a broad array of simple to complex health symptoms, the analysis of underlying root cause conditions and developing personalized health and wellness programs that deliver lasting results for her clients. Diane maintains an on-going focus of educating people on the health choices and long-term benefits of adopting a complementary and preventative natural health lifestyle.

Natural health practitioner highlights

  • Thorough, practical and applied knowledge of Iridology, Reflexology, Nutrition and Herbology plus numerous complementary modalities
  • Author and accomplished developer of numerous exclusive natural health courses including the “Wellness Intensive”, “Practical Practitioner” and the “BODiWELL Health Program”
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with many years of experience in corporate and private business, individual counselling, public speaking, group workshops and training
  • Exceptional leadership, guidance and support abilities for individuals, groups and like-minded business partners
  • Superior results oriented natural health counselling, coaching & training with the motivational skills and humanity that encourages people to attain their health & wellness goals
  • Co-author of the best selling series Wake Up … Live The Life You Love with Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer
  • Successful entrepreneur with outstanding ethics, business sense, customer management, organizational and time management abilities 

Languages: Fully fluent in English and French (mother tongue)