Healing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally

I was medically diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (and Chronic Fatigue Syndrom & Fibromyalgia) with a dismal future prognosis.  Through years of determination and investigations, I finally found a solution that lead to a sustained natural healing. 

I've now been symptom free for over 25 years.

Today I offer natural health counselling and guidance to help others avoid the frustrating years long journey I endured before finding wellness.

What choices does anyone have in this life?  I found out that even with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and more, we do have many choices ... 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1982 while majoring in music at McGill University. That was my original life passion and dream.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Paralyzed Me From Head To Toe And More

I landed in hospital paralyzed from my shoulder to my toes on the right side, considerable speech loss due to facial paralysis, little colon/bladder function and 90% vision loss in one eye.  That was just the beginning … Looking back, I had no idea I faced so many challenging years on my journey back to sustainable good health!

Doctors prognosis: at best a 50%recovery "That's just the way it is so just accept It" they told me!

The prognosis of the doctors, neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists was at best a 50-75% MS recovery to a cane, no children, no career … over the next 10 years, I would regain my health for short periods but I could never stay healthy for any meaningful length of time.  My doctors said with MS, it was simply the nature of the disease … so just accept it.

During my final crisis in 1991-2 there were too many weeks I could not drive my car, walk properly without holding to walls, could not even climb up or down the stairs, … eating, getting dressed was difficult, you name it.

What else could I do?

I had tried everything that western medicine had to offer … and more.  I decided I could not wait for a miracle and I would not wait for the Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms to consume me, I resolved to continue, no matter what. I remember refusing the offer of a handicap license; I did not believe I was.  For me, accepting it, would have meant I gave up hope of recovery.

I remember I was so scared that I would never come back from those debilitating MS symptoms that I consciously decided never be put in a situation like that again – I did not ever want to have another crisis.  I chose not to be at the mercy of this disease ... living with the fear that some mornings I could not walk, drive my car or even hold my child.

In looking at my health conditions during those years, I began to question medical proficiency because surly there are cause and effect relationships to be drawn when a series of events happen!

As if MS alone wasn’t enough

Before the age of 30, I ended up being diagnosed with 4 other significant diseases:

  • Erythema Noueux
  • Sarcoidisis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I remember asking a specialist “if there could be a connection between the 5 diseases, because I simply could not believe that somebody could be so doomed” and I was told “No, no connection at all – that is the way it is”. 

Well it didn’t make sense to me at all, they had given me so many labels.  I was much more tired than the typical MS patient – so CFS made the list”.  “I had tremendous pain and according to their book, MS is not painful, so Fibromyalgia was another label”  And on they went …

I pointed out to them that 8 out of 10 people in the waiting room were in pain … so who said MS is not painful? – By that time, I’d had it with the medical system and got very angry/frustrated by that 5th disease label

So I began researching natural remedies

When we get sick, it is usually not overnight - often it is just the final drop that makes the vase go overboard. And it usually happens over time, even years … one symptom, then another one … then another … until they call it a disease.

My research lead me to eastern philosophies, nutritional strategies, herbal medicines, mental visualizations, alternative therapies and so on.  The more I studied them, the better all these pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit.

When I finally started to get well, the symptoms mysteriously disappeared …the MS, Sarcoidisis, Erythem noueux, CFS and Fibromyalgia. 

My family doctor was a staunch supporter and simply said “whatever you’re doing Diane, don’t stop!” and my neurologist finally threw up his hands and said it’s gone, I don’t know why, but it’s gone, check-in annually so I can document this… and I did,  though I stopped going a decade ago…

I strongly believe people need to know they have choices ...

I’ve shared my story in the best selling book-series “Wake Up … Live The Life You Love” co-authored with Tony Robins, Wayne Dyers and others. 

Visit my clinic's website to read my full story of how I healed Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome naturally.