Nutrition, Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Nutrition, lifestyle and wellness coach Diane McLaren shares her unique methodology and expert skills to help clients enjoy great health naturally.

Coached nutrition & lifestyle consultations fast track your journey to success by making quality of life decisions about nutrition and lifestyle easy through simplified nutrition habits.

“Diane synthesizes her approach on nutrition & lifestyle coaching into easily learned “bits” of information that build a body of understanding that literally compels her clients toward success in their healing and long-term well-being.”

Good health begins when old nutrition & lifestyle habits are replaced

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs begin with an assessment of what's happening in your body.  This non-invasive analysis includes lifestyle, diet, nutrition, medical history and usually an iridology assessment.

With this initial review Diane will discuss her finding in detail and make a program recommendation based solely on your needs at that time. Coaching services are designed to be a short term program appointments over an agreed period of time based on a number of factors.

Top 3 nutrition & lifestyle tips

Poor health as a result of nutrition and lifestyle choice can be reversed with a little practice.  It's not what we do once in a while that gets us into trouble, it's what we do every day.   Develop the habit of eating well 80% of the time and have fun with foods (without guilt) 20% of the time.

  1. Eat foods that come without a barcode

  2. Slow down ... eat at the speed of your brain’s ability to notice food has arrived which is about 20 minutes … (Mother was right, chew your food slowly!)

  3. Enjoy favorite foods and treats … after your body is nutritionally fulfilled