Ep 10 ASK DIANE - Answering 2.5 Decades of Client Natural Health & Wellness Questions

EP10 In Her own words ...
ASK Diane: Answering 2.5 Decades of Client Health & Wellness Questions

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2.5 Decades of Client Questions Answered - The Top 20

Over the years, decades really, I’ve worked with thousands of people on a wide variety of health concerns and been asked a lot of questions!  In this episode I share my answers to some of the 20 most popular ones.

When it comes to our health and wellness, there is so much information and differing opinions that too often it is simply misleading, overwhelming and/or frustrating.

In my practice, and through this podcast, I share what has proven to consistently work personally, and for my clients over time.

Food for thought!  Napoleon Bonaparte once said:

"Why and how are words so important, that they cannot be, too often used".

In no particular order, here are the 20 questions we’ll cover:

  1. Can you help me with my condition?
  2. Why do you recommend mostly herbs as opposed to vitamins and minerals?
  3. Why do you exclusively recommend Nature’s Sunshine Products?
  4. How long will it take to see results?
  5. How long should I take the herbs for?
  6. What will happen when I stop taking herbs?
  7. When I reduce the herbs, will my symptoms come back?
  8. Can we become dependent on herbs?
  9. When is the best time to take herbs?
  10. Is it normal to experience bloating and gas?
  11. Is it normal and okay to gain weight throughout our lives?
  12. What is a normal bowel movement?
  13. I go to the bathroom regularly. Do I really need to use colon herbs?
  14. Why is the recommended dosage on the label different from what you recommend?
  15. When somebody has Food Sensitivities, how long do you stay away from these foods?
  16. What do you think of intermittent fasting?
  17. What are some ways to heal your gut?
  18. Why do you not recommend probiotics?
  19. What are your thoughts on juicing?
  20. Did you completely heal from MS?
A popular recurring topic: cleansing is important for our overall health so I assembled my favourite herbal products and guide for a safe, effective approach called: The Deep Cleanse Bundle ...

This information is not abstract, it has helped and continues to help me live a healthy and balanced lifestyle without feeling out of control and I do hope it can be useful on your wellness journey.

Healthy Regards & Happy Listening!

Diane McLaren