Ideal Protein Weight Loss & Lifestyle Education Program

Ideal Protein

There are too many weight loss diets, fads and programs!

In 2008 Diane wanted to offer her clients a formal science-based weight loss approach that featured education, not just a diet.  She wanted her clients to have long-term success through the essential lifestyle and nutritional knowledge that supports weight maintenance after the program. 

Following an extensive market-wide review, in she licensed and began offering the Ideal Protein Program as an added option and formal part of her larger wellness program services.  Today Monique leads the program for Diane.

Key Benefits of the Ideal Protein Protocol

IP is structured in 3 clear steps to 

  1. Achieve the weight you want to lose following the short-term protocol
  2. Stabilize the body as you slowly phase off the protocol
  3. Monitor dietary maintenance to lock in long lasting results.

IP is not a weight loss diet; it is a short term protocol that:

  • Enables safe yet quick fat related weight loss
  • Helps avoid hunger and fatigue
  • Promotes lean muscle preservation
  • Maintains normal levels of proteins and essential nutrients
  • Includes a strong focus on lifestyle, nutrition and dietary education
  • Includes personal 1-on-1 coaching by Monique, our Registered Nutritionist

The objective of the program is a) to help people quickly lose the fat related weight they want to lose by following a controlled, short-term protocol.

And b) at the same time, get factual guidance on lifestyle and nutritional choices that support long-term weight maintenance after completing the program.

The good news is that after completing the program; knowing how to make better everyday nutritional choices still leaves room for the fun foods!

    Watch the video below for a quick overview of the Ideal Protein Protocol:

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