Healthy You Naturally Wellness Podcast with Diane McLaren

Diane McLaren Wellness Podcast

I am not a professionally trained media broadcaster!

I am a holistically educated, French Canadian Natural Health Practitioner and successful clinic owner in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with over 30 years of insights, knowledge and experience to share!

Join me as I offer my unique take on holistic and natural approaches to achieving and enjoying excellent health and wellness at every age.

On this wellness journey, you'll discover strategies and tips to eat better, sleep better, deal with stress, manage emotional turmoil, address hormonal imbalances, build a stronger immune system, optimize the digestive system, and so much more.

A Wellness Journey ...
In Her Own Words

Diane McLaren's Story of Multiple Sclerosis, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Healing

UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE: of root cause analysis in a symptom first world

FOOD FIRST: Breaking down the good, the bad & the ugly of nutrition labels

THE PURSUIT OF BALANCE: Harnessing the 80/20 Rule

GET MOVING: The impact of our posture in our screen-centric society with Dr. Nekessa Remy

THE STRESS EFFECT: Understand and help our bodies when under constant stress

THE MIND GUT LINK: Connecting the dots

THE CRAVING CURSE: Explore how cravings work, and how to kick them for good

MODERN MEDITATION: The Power of Intention with special guest Jennifer De Rossi

ASK DIANE: Answering decades of client health & wellness questions

BALANCING ACT: Redefining the meaning and path to your optimal weight!

BEYOND THE BARRIER: Exploring how our internal world impacts our largest organ, the skin

THE POWER OF SLEEP: Exploring the top myths and benefits when it comes to getting a good night's sleep

SEASONS OF CHANGE: Exploring the five stages of women’s health

ON GUARD FOR YOU: How to support your body's amazing immune system naturally

BRAIN POWER: How to naturally optimize your focus and memory at any age

THE GIFT OF HEALTH: How to Navigate the Holiday Season & Stay Healthy Naturally ... all year long!

EP18 - 19
OUT WITH THE OLD & IN WITH THE NEW: The Gut, Its Microbiomes & Cleansing, a 2-part wellness podcast

  1. Ep. 18 Part 1: January 11, 2023
  2. Ep. 19 Part 2: January 25, 2023

EP20 - 21
EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: A 2-part series discussing why emotional health & wellness struggles are Not All In Our Head"

  1. Ep. 20 Part 1: Feburary 8 11, 2023
  2. Ep. 21 Part 2: Feburary 22, 2023

EP22 - 23
PHYSICAL WELLNESS: A 2-part series discussing bone and joint health"

  1. Ep. 22 Part 1 Keeping Our Bones & Joints Healthy Naturally
  2. Ep. 23 Part 2 – Guest Dr. N. Remy on Bone & Joint Health

ALLERGIES: A natural approach to allergy season

WATER: The Water Episode You Are Thirsting For

EP 26 - 27
OUR HORMONES ARE NOT LYING LADIES: the complext world of women's hormones, their impacts and getting them balanced

EP 28 - 29
WORTH THE WEIGHT: Secrets Behind Natural Weight Loss And Weight Maintenance

EP 30 - 31
HEALTHY VACATIONS: What we can do to thoroughly enjoy our summer vacations!

EP 32 - 33
BACK TO SCHOOL NATURALLY:How to build a stronger immune system for the entire family

EP 34 - 35
NATURAL ENERGY: How to crush the energy thieves and turbocharge your body naturally

EP 36 - 37
BELLY FAT: Your Hormones And Battling Belly Fat Naturally

EP 38
ASK DIANE: Answers To Your Questions, Naturally

EP 39
7 Tips to Navigate the Holidays with Ease

EP 40
Why We Give Up On Our Health Goals

EP 41
Exploring The Rhythms Of Our Emotional and Physical Heart.

EP 42
Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Your House or Your Car

EP 43
Bladder Matters: Navigating The World of Urinary Wellness

EP 44
Why Happiness Matters: The Impact of Emotions on Our Health

EP 45
Ep 45 Unraveling the Wonders of the Brain

EP 46
Ep 46: Discover The Power of Pelvic Floor Therapy

EP 47
Ep 47: It’s Crystal Clear: Navigating Eye Health Naturally

EP 47
Golden Nuggets of Summertime Wellness