Ep 12 BEYOND THE BARRIER - Exploring how our internal world impacts our largest organ, the skin

EP12 In Her own words ...
Beyond The Barrier: Exploring how our internal world impacts our largest organ, the skin

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Natural Skin Care From The Inside Out

In this episode, we’re going to talk about a topic I’m super interested in, perhaps you are too!

We’re going beyond the barrier to explore how our internal world impacts our outer world, or in this case, our largest organ the skin.

Here is an interesting quote from Dr. Andrew Thomas Weil, a doctor who advocates for alternative medicine and is the current director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

“It's not just what substances you put on your skin. Inappropriate inflammation is rooted in diet, how you handle stress, how you rest, and your exposure to environmental toxins."

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall …”

From fairy tales to playing house and dress-up, to the endless commercials and social media attention on our looks and skin, it is fair to say that many of us have a fascination or maybe even a preoccupation with our skin, for good reasons: This is what we see every time we look in the mirror

The reflection includes our “self-talk” which is not always very kind nor gentle It's what we show the world, it's our most exposed organ.

Our skin affects us at different levels: Physically with different skin conditions from acne, pimples, rash, hives, psoriasis, rosacea to dry, itchy and scaly skin to blemishes and discolorations to premature aging and wrinkles, the list goes on.

It also affects our emotional well-being - with a higher risk of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, etc. Many of us compare ourselves to unrealistic media stars and if we feel we fall short, we can get very low on ourselves and that can easily spiral down.

It is normal we want to show our best to the world, and I would like you to shift your perspective slightly …. so you would want to show the best to yourself as well.

Join me as we delve into the role of our skin, how and why it does what it does, how it's impacted and cover some techniques and choices that can keep our skin looking young, delay the aging process and help present the very best of you to the world ... and youself!

This information is not abstract, it has helped and continues to help me live a healthy and balanced lifestyle without feeling out of control and I do hope it can be useful on your wellness journey.

Healthy Regards & Happy Listening!

Diane McLaren