Daily Water Guide and Formula

Benefits of drinking water

  • Carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells
  • Helps removing toxins from the urinary system
  • Aids in digestion (though avoid during meals)
  • Helps in preventing constipation
  • Helps in normalizing blood pressure
  • Helps stabilizing the heartbeat
  • Helps in cushioning joints
  • Helps protecting organs and tissues

Improving your daily hydration

First of all you'll need to understand what the the body considers as water

  • Clean Water (Diane recommend's reverse osmosis for the cleanest water)
  • Chlorophyll Water (Diane's favourite daily supplement, 2-4 gl/Day)
  • Add 1/4 to 1/2 freshly squeezed Lemon or Lime in Water (max 1-2 gl/Day)

Then realize even though it is a liquid and may contain water, the body does not consider it as water, and in addition it may include sugars, chemicals and/or sugar alternates:

  • Coffee / Tea
  • Any Soda Pop or Sparkling Drink
  • Any Energy Drink or Juices
  • Any Alcohol

Calculate your body's water needs

Your body weight in pounds divided by 2 = number of ounces needed daily 

If you are weighing in k, 1 kg is equal to 2.2 pounds    Exact measures: 160 lbs / 2 = 80 being 80 oz. water daily.  8 oz glass = 10 glasses /day or ~2.5L  Approximate Measures

  • 1 glass = 8 oz = 250 ml  (FYI 8oz = 236 ml to be exact)
  • 4 glasses = 32 oz = 1 L  (FYI 1L = 33.8 oz to be exact)

Many people don't realize they aren't drinking enough water, some know and believe the right amount is just to much for them and if you are like Diane once was, you hate drinking water!

Improve your water intake, 1 day at a time

Begin by recording your weight = ________ lbs / 2 = _______ oz of water being the optimal needed daily ... now forget about the answer for now and focus on the following when you begin to consume more water daily:

Start slow, this is a journey of weeks even months, not a race!

  • Please do NOT try to do it all at once (you will avoid frustration)
  • It is best for your body to increase gradually and be very consistent
  • Too much water intake is not good either so if you are drinking more than the formula, slowly and gradually bring it down to the the ideal quantity the using same process outlined below
  1. Measure where you currently are in # oz  ______ per day
  2. Start where you are and increase your normal by about 4 oz /day for at least a week or till comfortable
  3. Record your progress:
    1. Day 1 date: _________ drank _______oz
    2. Day 2 date: _________ drank _______oz
    3. Day 3 date: _________ drank _______oz
    4. Repeat on day 4 and so on
  • Remember to be be consistent daily
  • When it's easier and you can do 7 days per week with comfort, go to next level adding 4 more oz. for that week (or till moving to the next level)
  • It's OK if you stay at one level for a few wks or months.  Just keep working on it until a Habit develops and do not even need to think about it
  • Repeat until “your ideal daily amount of water is achieved”