Ep 14 SEASONS OF CHANGE: Exploring The Five Stages of Women’s Health


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Seasons of Change: Exploring The Five Stages of Women’s Health

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The 5 Phases of Women's Health

With the change of seasons, it's a perfect time to focus on women's health and our seasons of change.

For my male listeners, it may help you better understand the ladies in your life, so do feel free to share!

I would like to start by sharing a quote from Maya Angelou:

“When women take care of their health, they become their best friend.”

This is so beautiful! As women, we often take care of everybody else first, and put ourselves last - for a lot of reasons.

I understand it is not always easy to take care of ourselves, and I sincerely hope that you will take these words to heart. I truly believe it is the best gift you can give yourself, and those around you!

Now you might be wondering how do I do that?

  • I am not sure where to start?
  • If so many women are feeling this way, then is that kind of normal?
  • I am so busy, there is no time left for me!

I’m certain you may have your own specific questions so first of all, these and many others are all valid questions, and that’s why I am very excited to share with you what I have learned personally, in my practice, and proven true working with thousands of women over the years.

  • The Teenage years
  • The Child-Bearing Years
  • The Pregnancy / Fertility Years
  • The Menopause Years and finally
  • The Senior Years

Another question for you - Have you ever wondered why certain people breeze through some stages with almost no symptoms, while for others it is unreal, with so many symptoms and total misery?

Because women’s health is such a huge topic, for this episode, we will focus on 3 key areas:

  1. Understanding our Physiology and the 5 Seasons
  2. How it can affect us from 3 different points of view
  3. What we can do to balance ourselves naturally so we feel great :)

Join me as we delve into the seasons of change, how the five stages affect us, their impacts, and some techniques and choices that can help keep our mind and body the best we can be, naturally!

This information is not abstract, it has helped and continues to help me live a healthy and balanced lifestyle without feeling out of control and I do hope it can be useful on your wellness journey.

Healthy Regards & Happy Listening!

Diane McLaren