Bladder Matters | Navigating The World of Urinary Wellness

EP 43

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BLADDER MATTERS: Navigating The World of Urinary Wellness

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Welcome to episode 43 of The Healthy You Naturally Podcast, a Wellness Journey!

We’re going to be discussing a situation that too often interrupts our sleep and/or sends us running with urgency at the most inopportune time!

The Bladder and Urinary Health are not necessarily topics we hear much about, yet it is a real, daily concern for millions. Often, people are very embarrassed by the fact that they have difficulty urinating, leakage, urgency, accidents, or bladder infections commonly called UTIs (Urinary tract infections).

Now while you may not associate Winston Churchill with the bladder, his words are a great reflection on the positive outcomes we'll discuss in this episode!

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

The reality for most of us is that there are a lot of complex factors that influence us daily!  Join me as we explore this fundamental body system:

  • How common are urinary problems
  • Why your 30's-40's are the new 50's-60's
  • What are the symptoms and why
  • What would happen if you ...

This information is not abstract, it has helped and continues to help me live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and I do hope it can be useful on your wellness journey too!

Till next time ... with love, light, and gratitude ...

Healthy Regards & Happy Listening!

Diane McLaren