Garden Essence | NSP Herbal Supplement

Garden Essence | NSP Herbal Supplement

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Garden Essence Intestinal Digestive Supplement

Garden Essence is a special herbal blend of 6 plant enzymes (which help to digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates and so on) plus a blend of digestive herbs (such as ginger, fennel, caraway etc) to support proper digestive functions.

  • Assists the digestion of foods
  • Supports the production of digestive fluids
  • Strengthens, tones the function of the digestive organs
  • Protease digests protein, and helps clear deep toxins and bacteria
  • Amylase metabolizes carbohydrates
  • Lipase assist the digestions of fats and oils
  • It will help with gas, burpy, bloated, acidity, burning, indigestion

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