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Plant Based Protein Powder | NSP Supplement

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Plant Based Protein Powder

Plant Based Protein Powder provides all nine essential amino acids (EAA’s) from five of the highest quality, best absorbed and tolerated plant protein sources: Pea, Rice, Potato, Flaxseed and Alfalfa Protein

  • Clean, no-compromise plant-base formula emphasize quality, purity, concentration and performance in its ingredients -vs- over fillers, flavouring and sweeteners found in typical plant-based protein powders
  • Easier control of food consumption as hunger and cravings decreased • Enhanced energy throughout the day
  • Increased clarities of thought Improved stress resistance Better stamina and endurance with exercise Assists in the building of lean muscle tissue and muscle mass
  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free
  • Easily added to smoothies, or simply with water
  • Great to add to any recipes

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