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March 19, 2024 Update: the global supply chain problems are largely behind us though raw material sourcing can impact availability. If your favourite is not available, ask us for our recommended alternative(s). (905) 828-5000

Diane has personally been a customer of Nature's Sunshine Products in Canada since the 1980's and as a Natural Health Practitioner has been recommending NSP since opening her health and wellness practice in 1994.

Why Diane is a believer in the NSP brand efficacy & quality:

1. NSP Raw Material Sourcing

Quality begins at the source, NSP travels the world seeking the earth’s most pure and potent ingredients and then uses more than 600 tests to ensure each one of the herbal formulas is ready to do exactly what it’s supposed to do.  It begins with the farmers with on-site vendor inspections to guarantee that only the cleanest, purest material becomes part of their products. They cut no corners and regularly reject raw materials that do not meet their exacting standards.

2. NSP Formulate For Efficacy

With over 50 years of experience (1972-2022) and proven techniques, Nature’s Sunshine combines the wisdom of expert product formulators with the efficacy of traditional herbal medicine to create unique, effective products and formulations with proven results that have withstood the test of time.

3. Quality In-House Manufacturing

Nature’s Sunshine invests millions of dollars annually in Quality Assurance, including their own state-of-the-art equipment, testing methods and qualified personnel. They develop, manufacture, test and store their products on site in their 200,000 square-foot facility, so they aren’t beholden to outside vendors or companies. Because NSP controls the entire process, they know what’s in their products and what is not.

4. NSP Finished Product Testing

NSP works meticulously to ensure that the precise amounts of the right parts of the right plant species are included in their formulas. This testing includes HPLC and infra-red analysis of botanical blends and analytical assays for vitamin and mineral label claims. They likewise develop their own testing methods, which tend to be even more thorough than vendor or competitor testing.

How many herb companies retain samples of all finished product batches for 7 years, just to monitor its life time purity, potency and quality.  NSP does!

Diane's Only Herbal Source Recommendation: 

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